Joint Venture on Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions in Sydney are complex and require a lot of time and resources for the success of a business. Company’s M&A teams often manage multiple workflows during the implementation phase, and in some cases review several potential offerings at any given time.

The pace of corporate mergers and acquisitions in Sydney now requires policymakers to do the right thing with confidence and speed to avoid losing opportunities that need clarity and complete understanding of the agreement.

Companies associated with CBV recognise the challenges faced by both parties in the transaction and recognize the need for both parties to pay the maximum amount of the transaction. Our consulting professionals across our global network are forward-looking specialists with extensive experience in handling, a wide range of skills and a vast industry experience. We create comprehensive solutions that help you navigate with confidence in the complexities of buying and selling, identifying key risks and benefits throughout the trading cycle.

For sellers, we help them understand the risks and possible returns of the abstraction process. We evaluate your position and support your negative position to increase the sale price and execute the transaction with the minimum of interruption in the other business processes.

For buyers, we recognise the need to generate value at every stage of the transaction. We help you identify target markets, possible targets and support an efficient transaction process for more complex transactions. We help you align your offerings with your strategic business goals, maintain compliance, and increase the value of your integration and potential valuation opportunities.

Our global business consulting teams work seamlessly with you and other parties involved in the transaction to focus on key issues during critical planning, procurement, and settlement phases.

Who is it for?

  • Risk Managers.
  • Financial Managers.
  • Treasurers
  • General Counsels.
  • Other Professionals Responsible for Due Diligence in Mergers, Acquisitions or Expropriations.

What can you get?

The essence of CBV’s corporate mergers and acquisitions process in Australia focuses on:

  • Due diligence before
  • Transaction risk products and solutions.
  • Optimization and solutions after the acquisition.

Equity Capital

Extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions:

CBV’s Equity and M&A professionals strengthen their staff and help them identify, process and present options on risks and insurance issues that can affect treatment negotiations and success.

Private Equity and M&A practice at CBV helps buyers quickly identify the risks and insurance issues related to their business. Our experts participated in more than 500 mergers and acquisitions in Melbourne and in all over Australia in the last few years, in a wide range of industries and in most of the world.


Our experts understand the value of identifying potential problems and areas of initial synergy in the discovery process. We are working hard to find areas of potential savings between newly integrated organisations.

Core Analysis:

We provide you with a report containing summaries of key issues supported by detailed analysis which are required to be shared with key stakeholders, including the C-Suite, the Board, funding sources, and rating agencies.

Due Diligence:

Due diligence and risk assurance reduce uncertainty and reduce the risk of surprises. We help buyers get a clearer picture of the value of liabilities and assets.

Business Development and Growth

CBV has extensive experience in assisting companies with mergers and acquisitions. Our team has worked on thousands of mergers and acquisitions projects over the years, in most major industries and regions around the world. This experience, coupled with our extensive global office network, enables CBV to provide technical advice to organisations involved in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, delinquencies or restructurings of other companies.

We offer broad and specific engagements depending on the company’s needs. We assist in such areas as:

  • Identifying the potential cost savings or increase in the pro forma expense of insurance.
  • Evaluate policies to identify any gaps in coverage and the magnitude to which the policy retentions and deductibles will affect the earnings quality.
  • Assessment of the adequacy related to the provisions for self-funded on the balance sheet.
  • Investigation of the liabilities which are being assumed, including underinsured or uninsured liabilities, assumed in prior acquisitions.
  • Looking after cross-border transactions, where language skills, local knowledge, and on-the-ground resources improve the speed and accuracy of the process.